Shannon Jones


Playbook: The Chosen
Stats: Hot 1, Cold 0, Volatile 1, Dark -1
Moves: Light the Way, To the Books

Strings Owned

  • Rain 2 (I know her secret/moster fightan buddy #1)
  • Alex 2 (He wears his heart on his sleeve/monster fightan buddy #2)
  • Margot 1 (I swear that bitch is watching me…)

-Monster Archenemy: The Librarian. Think Ardelia Lortz from The Library Policeman.


Shannon is a pretty average girl attending a pretty average high school. She’s one of those people that seems to be on the edge of everyone’s social circles without exactly having one of her own. She’s attractive enough, with her clear hazel eyes and red hair that has never seen a perm, and she dresses well enough, but she doesn’t really stand out, you know? She’s just there. Her mom’s the librarian at the local university, her dad works in a 9-to-5 office job, and she’s an A and B student.

At least, that’s what she wants people to think. Her family moved to town a year ago, ostensibly so her parents could be closer to work but also because Shannon’s old school lost its library – and librarian – to arson. A lot of circumstantial evidence pointed to her as the culprit, and after several rounds of police questioning (and possible psychological evaluations), Shannon’s parents decided that their daughter needed a new start elsewhere. So far all seems to be going according to plan.

If only they really knew what she was. If only they knew that they all went about their quiet average lives doing quiet average things because of her, they’d never sleep again.

Shannon’s Mixtape
Device – Hanging on a Heart Attack
Mr. Mister – Broken Wings
The Cure – Just Like Heaven
The Police – Every Breath You Take
New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle
Corey Hart – Sunglasses at Night
Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is
Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus
Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams
A Flock of Seagulls – I Ran
Laura Branigan – Self Control

Shannon Jones

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