The wispy hippie girl, slowly working out the whole being dead thing.


Stats: Hot 0, Cold 1, Volatile -1, Dark 1
Moves: Unresolved Trauma, Creep

  • Shannon (1 – has been in her bedroom while she slept)
  • Margot (1 – she is a werewolf, rahr)
  • Alex (1 – is fae)

Rain looks like she should be colorful and full of spirit, since she seems the quintessential stereotype of the 60s-era hippie girl: tie-die t-shirt, flowing hemp skirt, long blonde hair. But instead, she’s washed out, sullen, and often simply goes through the motions of life without being noticed or really interacting with anyone around her, careless and listless, a quiet observer in a room full of much more interesting people.

This is mostly because Rain died in 1969 and hasn’t really gotten over it yet. In her defense, being strangled to death takes a lot out of you.


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