Margot Petersen


Playbook: The Werewolf
Stats: Hot 1, Cold -1, Volatile 2, Dark -1
Moves: Primal Dominance, Unstable
Strings Owned

  • Shannon 2 (I can smell the trouble on you, new girl. Make like a poor kid on a bus and transfer.)
  • Alex 1 (Heart on your sleeve is a nice way of saying Gets Addicted to Junk.)

Strings Given

  • Rain 1 (She knows my place.)
  • Alex 1 (He knows my methods.)
  • Shannon 1 (She knows how I feel about her.)
  • Damian 1 (He knows I’m a threat.)
  • Eddie 1 (He knows I’m in control.)

Bluh bluh huge bitch.

Margot Petersen

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