Damian Thorne


Name: Damian Thorne – Sex, Drugs and Demonic Power
Playbook: The Infernal
Stats: Hot -1, Cold 0, Volatile 1, Dark 1
Moves: Soul Debit, Unknowable
Bargains: Strings Attached, Uncanny Voices

- Shannon believes she can save me
- Alex wears his heart on his sleeve
- Margot I need to keep an eye on
- 2x I know how Eddie died

- Dark Power – 1 string


Tall, pale and almost unnaturally lanky – some would argue “gaunt,” Damian plays up his role as the class misfit. A reputation aided by his neon green liberty spikes, numerous safety pin piercings or his aloof attitude. He doesn’t just keep people at arm’s length – if someone gets a little too pally around him or starts making him uncomfortable, he just gives them this look and whispers something into their ear. No one’s quite sure what he says, but it never fails; they never mess with Damian again. School rumor has it his parents have mob ties or some shit like that.

Though he prefers to go shirtless, wearing just a pair of thrift-store jeans, combat boots and a battered biker jacket, he’ll (grudgingly) compromise his look while at school with one of his countless concert tees. But no matter what, he refuses to remove the doomsday clock patch or the four vertical stripes of black electrical tape from his coat. Some things are just non-negotiable, man.

Outside of school, Damian is the lead singer for the garage-punk band Hellbound Heart, which intentionally uses edgy and gory imagery to milk the current moral panic for free publicity. He even hams it up offstage – drawing pentagrams and other pop-culture “satanic” iconography on his binder. locker, the gym wall … and pretty much anywhere else he thinks it will get noticed.

It’s a good thing that no one knows why he works so hard on selling his bad-boy persona, or what he sometimes shares his bed with at night … otherwise, the Satanic Panic would look like a church bake sale in comparison.

But maybe that’s for the best. Perhaps it’s better to be feared and alone – at least then there’s no risk of getting hurt.

Damian Thorne

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