Alexander (Alex) Alatza


Alexander (Alex) Alatza
Skin: The Fae
Stats: Hot 2, Cold -1, Volatile -1, Dark 1
Moves: The Faerie Bargain, Across the Veil
Strings Owned: Shannon 1 (monster-slaying buddies), Margot 1 (completely unsubtle), Eddie 2 (ex-boyfriend), Rain 2 (caught her fancy)
Strings Given: Shannon 1, Eddie 1, Margot 1 (“She was cute, until she opened her mouth and said words.”), Rain 1, Damian 1 (all “wear my heart on my sleeve”)


“Never make a promise that you don’t intend to keep. Never give your word if all you’ll do is break it.”

Alex is soft-spoken, strangely intense and somehow compelling – a trait that serves him well given that he’s heavily involved in the high school’s theater program on both sides of the curtain, though he also has some unfortunate tendencies to be moody. He’s a reasonably good student and other than his habit of pushing the dress code in several different ways, doesn’t go out of his way to cause trouble.

Tall, slender and beautiful, Alex is fine-boned and striking, with black hair and blue-green eyes: he tends to dress in all black, habit picked up from all his time spent on on the tech side of the theater, and wear his black hair longish, over his ears (to hide his somewhat pointy ears) and has occasional flings with experiments with black eyeliner and some further dabbling in the Goth subculture.

Outside of school, he’s very devoted to his mother, who was his only caretaker growing up: she was never married as far as anyone knows (his father was a faerie noble) and chose not to give him up despite all the shit she’s taken for it, given up a lot for him. Despite this, he’s still very uncertain of his place in the world.

Alexander (Alex) Alatza

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